January 1, 2020

Dear Penn-York Lumbermen's Club Members,

    As they say, the days are long and the years are short, so goes another year for the Hardwood Industry. Although this year may have felt a little longer than most it seems to have brought our industry a little closer together and with better hope for 2020. In the spirit of looking forward I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Ed White from Wagner Hardwoods on his retirement and thank him for his service as a PY President from 2005-2007 as well as continuing to be an active member for the years since. Ed, we wish you all the best in your retirement.

     I am very thankful for the trust members have given me to serve as president this year keeping Penn-York a valuable and enjoyable club. As I look back at my first year as president, I can't deny the benefit of following many great leaders that have kept PY strong. With that effective leadership PY has given over $740,000 in contributions since 1994 and we are giving more in 2020 than we did in 2019, all without raising dues.

     As you may know PY was originally a social club for industry members to get together in a casual setting to discuss more than just business. The club does more now through its annual contributions to many associations that we as an industry rely on. We have added the Hardwood Promotion Panel to the following list of associations receiving PY contributions in 2020: ALIFT, Hardwood Federation, Empire State Forest Products Association, Pennsylvania Forest Products Association, Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers Inc. and the Wood Mobile.

     Included with  this letter you will find the 2020 meeting dates as well as your member dues statement that with your prompt payment help us keep the dues from increasing. With the increased giving and another push in 2020 to increase members we encourage you all to bring new members to our attention so we can continue to support the growth of the hardwood industry.

     On behalf of my fellow officers, Jesse LaSon and Greg Ochs, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

Jordan McIlvain

Alan McIlvain Company

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