February 1, 2021

Dear Penn-York Lumberman’s Club Members,

The 2020 we just experienced was not the 2020 we expected this time last year. Our great industry is firmly rooted in the connections we all have with each other and our shared desire to pass along our part of the industry to the next generation. This year our industry lost many of its members leaving behind the rest of us to carry on. Please take time to remember those we have lost and reach out to those who may need a hand. We are all in this together and we must continue to live and work together as we have for generations. As one does every new year I am hopeful for a healthy and prosperous year ahead.

Our club has never had a year like this, ever. We had zero meetings, collected the lowest amount of dues in 23 years, and gave more back to support the industry than any of the past 13 years. Our total contributions since 1994 are $784,266.00 and we are set to get over the $800,000 by Spring 2021 with another increase to our annual contributions over this year. As we come out of this uncertain year we hope to welcome those who have left the club and those who are ready to get out and make some connections while supporting our industry. Penn-York will continue to support this great industry and its strong Pennsylvania and New York roots while facilitating the type of relationships that make this industry strong.

Our annual contributions list for 2021 are the Pennsylvania Forest Products Association, Empire State Forest Products Association, Hardwood Federation, Appalachian Hardwood Manufactures Inc., Real American Hardwood Promotion Panel, ALIFT, and the Wood Mobile.

We would normally have the list of meetings and dates Included with this letter, but due to the uncertain time frame of being able to have a safe meeting we will be waiting to set these dates when it is safer to do so. You will find your member dues statement that with your prompt payment will help us continue to support the listed associations and keep dues down. With the increased giving in 2021 we ask you all to encourage others to join the Penn-York Lumberman’s Club so we can continue to support the growth of the hardwood industry.

On behalf of my fellow officers, Jesse LaSon and Greg Ochs, I want to wish everyone a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

Jordan McIlvain

Alan McIlvain Company

PS. Due to the transition of our administer as well as delays caused by COVID I wanted to apologize for the delay in this letter getting out to the membership. At this time it seems like there is light at the end of the tunnel. I look forward to seeing everyone to enjoy a much needed ‘NOT VIRTUAL’ drink. Cheers!

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